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~ 2014 ~

This is the year!

~ 2013 ~

Maybe this year we will finish the film...

~ 2012 ~

Ditto of 2011

~ 2011 ~

What's Going On?

We shot a film a couple of years ago and still haven't finished it.
Maybe this year.

~ 2010 ~

Believe it or not we are working (or at least thinking about it)
on editing our last film that we shot.

~ 2008 & 2009 ~

Click here for behind the scenes photos on our latest project.

Photographer Chuck Pefley

Super 8mm time lapse of building the set for our latest project.

~ 2007 Year in Review ~

This was an unprecedented year for us all here at Head Juice Productions as we accomplished... absolutely nothing!
Due to years of neglect, brought about by our obsession with making films, our severely overgrown yards and homes in various states of disrepair finally forced us to push the pause button on our projects and play domesticated for most of the year. Seriously, I think some of our neighbors were surprised to discover the house they lived next to wasn't abandoned!

I am happy to report that while we toiled away on mundane tasks, our films continued to make their way to festivals around the world including The Port Townsend Film Festival, 10.22 Media, E.Vil City, Piecoras Film Festival, Local Sightings, Spokane International Film Festival, The Strawberry Super 8 International Short Film Festival, and more.
What's in the Barn? even spent a week screening twice a night over in Seattle at the Northwest Film Forum.

Now as we brush off the dust and put away our tools, we grab our cameras, load in a cartridge of super 8 film and look onward to 2008. If you think watching our films is disturbing, try living with these thoughts in your head for a year with no means of releasing them. It is time for us to harvest some demons, and we plan on trapping them right there between the layers of silver halides in a nice long strip of black & white celluloid.

See you soon!

-Head Juice Productions


What's in the Barn?
screened at
Cambridge's Super 8 my Brian
Saturday Jan. 18th, 201
at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland, OR
Oct. 29th 2013

What's in the Barn?
screened at
Cambridge's Super 8 my Brian
Sunday Feb. 7th, 2010

Recent Articles about HeadJuice's latest project

Article by Jennifer Larue for the Spokesman Voice

Article from
smallformat magazine
Click here

Jack the Vomiter
screened at
Friday, January 23rd, 2009
7:30 and 10:30 p.m.
at SkyCity Augusta, GA.
For more info about the fest click here and here

smallformat magazine
has printed an article about our current project in their latest (and last) issue.
It is part of the "My Film Diary" contest.

More info about the magazine here

Jack the Vomiter
only $10 or
get the 2 Disc Special Edition for $15
click here to contact us to purchase

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Jack the Vomiter
screened at
Seattle's True Independent
Film Festival
Sunday, June 8th, 2008
1:30pm Jewel Box Theater

What's in the Barn?
screened at
2nd Cambridge International Super 8 Festival
April 24 - 26, 2008

which was also screened
at the
Cambridge International Super 8 Festival Preview Night
Sunday, March 16th, 2008

Madchen Shitkicker
Screening at
Super8Special 2008

and just screened at the
Digital 4 Play
Sunday, February 24th, 2008
& Super M'8

A Photographic Album
from the Life of
Sigmund Freud
screening at
Super8Special 2008